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Android and iOS - Timeline View



  • Chelsea Richardson

    Loving this direction.  A few comments that I think would make it even better:

    1. When there is an attachment, such as the PDF attachment that is shown as one of the posts, I would love to see that as an inline thumbnail of the attachment that I could click on to enlarge.
    2. I would love to see an overall timeline that aggregates updates across all activity across Salesmate that could then be filtered by activity type.  For example, all notes added to contacts.  
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  • Christian Ayala

    We are working on a move from Pipedrive and the detailed timeline in the first picture makes me feel like we are making the right choice.  I would be interested in seeing the notes field of any activity in a yellow background, like a regular note.

    I choose most products based on UX/UI because I believe that it drives adoption, and this is a step in the right direction.  Both designs are well-done, but the language in the first picture is and elegant solution.  I would love to see this carry to the deal view and other parts of the desktop web application because it's looking a little dated.  Nothing better than a familiar and uniform user experience.

    Great work!

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