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Automation Workflow - Deal Creation



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    Team Salesmate

    We have added this in our grooming list and it will be soon taken for development.

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  • Marcelo Ramagem

    1,000 Upvotes. Former Pipedrive user as well. 

    Being able to create new objects inside Salesmate seems like a no-brainer. Salesmate already allows you to create new activity form automation, so seems like being able to create new deal would follow same logic.

    I really hope Salemate team takes these suggestions and implements them quickly. I really want to see Pipedrive die a slow death. I loved them when we first migrated from CapsuleCRM because they were nimble and seemed to listen to feedback on features... then they stopped and decided to implement what they thought was important and not their clients... so we eventually could no longer force our sales reps to conform to "the pipedrive" way.

    Good software fits the user, not the other way around.

    Hoping Salesmate stays nimble and listens :-)


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  • Jason Olinger

    Thank you Mordy and Marcelo for your comments. I'm currently using JobProgress and looking to switch. I'm currently on a trial with Salesmate as well as a few other CRM's. Pipedrive is one of them. I'm curious how you feel these platforms compare. I'm also looking at Freshsales. Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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  • Marcelo Ramagem

    Hey Jason,

    Funny enough you should ask about how Pipedrive compares... after one year of moving to and using Pipedrive we are not going to Salesmate. Prior to Pipedrive we had Capsule CRM.

    Anyhow, here is a slide I made to explain to my reps why I was making them go through the pain of switching:

    Salesmate still has some shortcomings... as long as they keep their promise of listening to this community feedback I think they will be absolutely the best CRM option out there. 

    Prior to Salesmate I demo & trialed 14+ CRMS... Copper, Freshsales,, etc.... my final choice was salesmate because their chat support actually answers you within 5 minutes and the email auto remind feature is key. In addition the ability to build custom reports (albeit still not fully mature) is very helpful. Also the automations allow for date based triggers and posting to 3rd party webhooks (pipedrive has nothing like that in their crappy automations).

    I recommend salesmate... just make sure you let them know you expect them to continue to listen to this community board because the stuff we recommend here is what will make them a real powerhouse and give us users more selling power!




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  • Jason Olinger

    Marcelo, thank you again for your reply. It's been a time-consuming task to trial all of these CRMs. Curious if you have more feedback on how Salesmate compares to Freshsales and ZOHO. 

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