Automation Workflow - Deal Creation


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    1,000 Upvotes. Former Pipedrive user as well. 

    Being able to create new objects inside Salesmate seems like a no-brainer. Salesmate already allows you to create new activity form automation, so seems like being able to create new deal would follow same logic.

    I really hope Salemate team takes these suggestions and implements them quickly. I really want to see Pipedrive die a slow death. I loved them when we first migrated from CapsuleCRM because they were nimble and seemed to listen to feedback on features... then they stopped and decided to implement what they thought was important and not their clients... so we eventually could no longer force our sales reps to conform to "the pipedrive" way.

    Good software fits the user, not the other way around.

    Hoping Salesmate stays nimble and listens :-)


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