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Customizable number of rings before call goes to voicemail




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    Team Salesmate

    Hello all,

    Good News! 

    ​We have it on our list of improvements before we close for this year. 

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  • Jason Petorak

    I completely agree.  By having it set to 10 rings, the customer thinks that we are not around to answer the call - or do not care about them.  This should be a high priority to be fixed.

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  • Kent

    Great to hear that this is on the roadmap.  Please let me know if you need anyone to help with beta testing the feature as I would be happy to volunteer.

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  • Marcelo Ramagem


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  • Team Salesmate

    Good News, This feature is available now :)

    You can control the number of rings per number.

    -- Visit Setup >> Calling >> Click on your Purchased number
    -- Select the number of seconds the call will wait for the user to pick it up

    FYI, You can also select 0 seconds, which will push the call to VM asap.

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  • Kent

    Huge thanks to the team for implementing this feature!  Keep up the good work!!!

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