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Outgoing phone calls - caller id




  • Marcelo Ramagem

    Furthermore... this feature should be something fairly easy to implement since Salesmate uses Twilio.

    I was trying out multiple CRMs recently and either Copper or (I cant remember which one) had a feature that let me enter the caller id (any number I wanted to enter).... then I received a call from Twilio with a 6 digit PIN that I had to enter in the CRM to verify that I actually owned that phone number that I wanted to use for my caller id. It all worked amazingly well...I could dial directly from inside the CRM and the caller ID showed the number I desired.

    HOWEVER, be aware that the downside to this approach is that if you use your custom caller id, when the prospect calls you back, they will actually be calling that caller id number and this will bypass Salesmate (or any crm's) ability to track the inbound call.

    This is something that should be "implementable" by Salesmate:

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  • Team Salesmate

    We have caller id masking functionality available, which can be used for outgoing calls but not for the text.

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