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Save displayed columns when you save or share a view




  • Marcelo Ramagem

    Guys, any updates on this feature request? This is pretty significant. Without the ability to save displayed columns with a view it makes it VERY difficult to convey to other users how the saved custom view is important to them. 


    I create some really useful views for my reps, but each of those views rely on specific columns...  and unless those columns are also displayed for them automatically when they select a view it becomes very cumbersome for them to know which columns they should be adding to a view etc.

    As of right now, I am forced to remote desktop into each of their laptops so I can add the columns for them, etc. Its a nightmare.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE address this issue.

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  • Team Salesmate

    We now support view based columns and admin has some more powerful rights to set columns for all the users too. Please checkout the documentation:

    Team Salesmate

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