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Custom Reports: Allow duplicate name fields from different modules to be added to same report


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  • Marcelo Ramagem

    So, it looks like I found a workaround to this issue...

    I can rename the "Owner" fields in each module. So, I went ahead and prepended each module's "Owner" field so they are clearly labeled when I reference them in reports.


    It helps me clearly identify which "Owner" field I am including in my report when designing it, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am now allowed to add more than one "Owner" field to a report because they each now have the prepended label

    Ex: "Company Owner" and "Deal Owner" can now be included as columns in custom report at the same time. Prior to this hack, you could only add one "Owner" column to report... and therefore could also only group on one owner column.


    I still think salesmate should automatically prepend duplicate field names with the corresponding module when they are presented to the user in reports when added to the columns to be displayed section of custom report "Selected Fields" section displayed next to the "Available Fields" section. That way I would not have to "hack" it like I did :-)

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