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Allow us to search on inactive fields and/or make fields "read only"


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  • Marcelo Ramagem

    Guys... this is really annoying. We really need to be able to filter on inactive fields.

    For example, I imported several deals and during import it asked me if I wanted to tag newly imported records with a tag... I added a special tag. However, the tag field was made inactive because we don't want reps using tags in deals. Instead we want tags in companies and contacts.

    So I imported deals then I went to search for them but the option to use "tags" in filters was not there... thats because the field was made inactive. So I had to temporarily reactivate the field in order to search on it. Once I was done I deactivated the field again. Real waste of time.

    Instead simply let us search on inactive fields. Maybe label them as such so we know we are using an inactive field etc.


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