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Deal list page needs to be able to filter on associated products in a deal



  • Team Salesmate

    We are analyzing if the people will like to search by only product names or other attributes too.  As deal has already too many filters so we are just working out on the best way possible to start with. Hopefully this should be available soon. 

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  • Marcelo Ramagem

    I disagree that deals "has too many filters already". Segmenting, analyzing, and manipulating data is essential to CRMs. Please do not take away filters just to give the impression that it's easy. Instead, I would recommend grouping filters into categories that you can hide in accordion style toggle controls. 


    For example, the less frequently more advanced filter fields for each module could be grouped as "Deals - Advanced Fields" or "Deals Smart Fields" etc

    That way the ones that get used less frequently are not confusing the lightweight users... while still allowing power users to make use of advanced filter fields if they choose to.

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