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Xero Integration




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    Team Salesmate

    This feature is added inside our grooming list. 

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  • Michael Barnett

    When will it be released please?

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  • Marcelo Ramagem

    I agree. Xero (invoicing in general) integration is important

    Meanwhile, as you work on such an integration, please make products feature more robust. Currently its a joke (sorry, brutal but true)

    I can't even search / filter companies or contacts that have purchased a product (based on me adding a product to a deal that is linked to either a company, contact, or both).

    It's basically useless. 

    For example, I want to create filter that shows me all companies (customers) who purchased a specific product (ex: had a product tied to a deal they won) so I can thank them or hit them up to renew the same product. Currently the only way to do this if to go to products, view it , then look for "related deals" in the product, etc. This is not good enough. We need to be able to do this from all list pages such as companies, contacts, and/or deals.

    It's essential, otherwise products as its currently implemented is incredibly weak and far too lightweight. Seems like it was added simply to show it in the features list on your website. Please give us real use for enabling the products module.

    I realize that a zero integration will take some time, hence this is why I am proposing you upgrade the products module so in the meantime we can at least use that as a means of tying purchase data to our CRM more efficiently.

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  • Matt Dalziel

    XERO integration is a feature we would definitely use every day and urgently need. I look forward to this feature being added soon. 

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  • Chris Gibbs

    I an reviewing CRMs for a client and they use XERO - everything else about Salesmate is going to match their requirements...could you provide any update to where this is on your roadmap please?

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  • Petr Pridal

    One of the blockers for us too! Please add Xero!

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