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Deal updates trigger from external sources



  • Marcelo Ramagem


    This sort of feature is the thing that sets an app apart. If Salesmate wants to truly distinguish itself from the competition it will recognize the importance of adding these types of features that exponentially increase the possibilities of what can be done with a CRM.

    By allowing us to easily interact directly with other data sources and receive input (such as the example given in Amine's suggestion) salesmate will truly deliver on its promise of "software flexible-to-fit"... meaning IT adapts to users needs, not the other way around. THAT is the hallmark of great software.

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  • Amine H.

    Hi Marcelo, agreed... That's the reason why we're sticking with Salesmate as we hope they will take into consideration real useful features compared to what the competition offers.

    After doing a bit more research on how this could be done, there is also the possibility to trigger a Workflow or a Sequence.


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  • Team Salesmate

    Thanks for sharing the reference article. We are planning some automation changes and feature inclusions. We will keep this in mind.

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