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Multiple sequences




  • Marcelo Ramagem

    The 2 sequence limit is only during this Beta period. I complained to Salesmate today about the same thing, that's when I found out about the beta restriction.

    Frankly, the salesmate team needs to do a better job of being more transparent with their features and plans. It would have been very easy to simply explain that there is a 2 sequence limit during beta in the popup window that displays when you try to add more than 2. 

    Its a waste of everybodys' time when we have to reach out to them on chat and/or have users post feature suggestions here... it takes up customer time AND salesmate support staff time.

    Salesmate is a great piece of software, but it still needs to mature feature wise and customer  support wise. Dont get me wrong they are responsive on chat etc... but they need to be more proactive. There should be a version changelog released (at least periodically)... new feature announcements, new hot fixes, etc

    Also would be nice if they replied to suggestions on this forum... or at least acknowledge them regularly. They told me they are working on this, so fingers crossed that they will start to show more proactive engagement with their customers.






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  • Celine Vignal

    Agree, please for for it (Upvote), as I believe they take into account the suggestions with the most votes...

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  • Team Salesmate

    Sorry for the inconvenience. As the sequence is launched under beta and also it's given on request basis, so we haven't reflected those details under our pricing plans. We have also shared feedback forms with Sequence users to collect their general pain points so that we can improvise it and launch a more useful product shortly.

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  • Chris Davis Jr


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  • Team Salesmate


    We have improvised our sequence limits now you can have :

    5 / sequences / user and 500 emails / day / user under growth plan and

    10 / sequences / user and 1000 emails / day / user under boost plan.

    Team Salesmate

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