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Custom Field: New field type... "smart colors"



  • Team Salesmate

    It's a good idea, but we don't see many requests about it. We will like to see if other users also require it and if there is any useful scenarios, whereas colors can help you to boost productivity.

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  • Amine H.

    I just saw this after I added a similar suggestion about highlighting with colors. I agree with Marcelo and this could definitely boost productivity as it will help finding those contact or records faster... 

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  • Marcelo Ramagem

    Hooray! I'm not alone in this request.

    The truth is you should not only base feature requests on number of people asking for it. Oftentimes users don't know what they don't know.... Meaning oftentimes they are not where different possibilities because they are used to working at other crms that never offered those possibilities.

    A good example is to think of the iPhone....back in 2007 if you ask anybody about having a device with only a single button and no physical keyboard you would have quickly discovered that was never a future request made by anyone ever, perhaps other than Steve Jobs himself.

    so I asked the salesmate team  to please judge the merits of the feature and implications that can have regardless of whether other users vote for it.

    In this specific case I'm grateful that someone else did I vote and make a comment about the suggestion. So thank you very much to Amine :-)

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