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Super Charge Salesmate: Add a "repeater" custom field or new module type to allow TRUE customization


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  • Marcelo Ramagem

    Here is a more specific example of how I would use a "repeater" field inside a company record.

    1. Create a new custom field repeater type field called "Invoice URL"

    2. Add via API or manually a url that points to a specific invoice issued to the company I am looking at (Ex ABC Inc)

    3. Then my sales reps are now able to quickly view past purchases by clicking on the link for each invoice linked to that company

    4. It would open up a new browser tab and take my sales rep to that specific invoice

    This is just a small example of how I would use a repeater type of field (a field that can create a one-to-many relationship) with a salesmate record such as contacts, companies, deals, etc

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