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Keep Web Login Session Alive when at sign-in from a different device/browser




  • Marcelo Ramagem

    I agree. Noticed this happening when I was logging in as a sales rep to help them out remotely so I could see exactly what they were seeing by being logged in as them to help them troubleshoot and/or see what their account "looked" like after I enabled or disabled certain features. 

    Whenever I logged in as one of my other users they would get kicked out. I understand concurrent logins can potentially pose a security risk, however, this should be eliminated via 2-factor once salesmate deploys it and therefore they should allow for concurrent logins to same account.

    Not a huge deal for us, so I would not necessarily put that on the top priority list (as far as my team is concerned anyhow)

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  • Team Salesmate

    Few users were purchasing a single license, and multiple people of the company were using it. To avoid license abuse, we have restricted to do a single login at a time.

    We might improvise this feature in the coming days by putting some additional checks, but its not a priority as of now.

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