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Call Forwarding



  • Tata Wilson


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  • Amine H.

    Please Please Please... For the business we're in, we want to be able to assign a forwarding number to each deal so that when that customer calls, it is forwarded to a phone number we added to the deal... (custom field in the deal).

    This can go like this: "If deal is in stage X and customer calls, then forward to specific phone number phone number from a custom field in that deal".

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  • Jonas Grundtvig

    A simple forward calls to a specific number if no one is online or no agent answers the phone would be great.

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  • Jeff

    Right now we double-pay for inbound calls because we're routing them to our 800 IVR solution which charges by the minute. I'd love to be able to do IVR, or a simple forward that doesn't result in a double charge for inbound using this method.

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