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search bar clearing




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    Team Salesmate

    Hi Jen,

    It's best to use the black slash ( / ) to access the global search and enter a new term to search.

    If you are happy using the mouse - click the X which removes the current search term and allows you to start typing in the new one.

    Quick video grab:

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  • Team Salesmate

    Hello Jenna,

    There is a "X" button at the end of the search box, which can be clicked to clear the search. 



    Smarter Way: If your cursor is not inside any of input text box then simply hit hit "/" key and it will cleanup the search bar and ready for a new search :)

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  • Jen Coito

    The X only appears if you manually put your cursor in the field though. It's quirky!!!  (And also, I'm used to double-clicking something to highlight all and then delete, and that doesn't work in this field.) 


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