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Product development roadmap


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  • Mark Kershek

    I am an extensive user of Salemate CRM.  I am an attorney and former computer programmer.  It is a very good program.  The company and programmers should be commended.  This program is one of the best programs out there and I have reviewed and used many.  So thank you.  Here is my wish list of changes and additions:

    1. The number one suggestion and need I have is that when you export (backup) activities to a CVS file, that emails and text messages get included in some way in that export.  I understand there may be some limitations.
    2. Expand the restriction of having only 10 large data custom text fields.
    3. Allow for incoming mobile phone calls be able to link to Deal associated with the calls.
    4. On deal and contact pages, color the back grounds for different types... emails, meetings, texts. It is often difficult to find needed information in the timeline.  See CRM product at for better interface for an example.
    5. IMPORTANT -- on the activities logs menu the date is listed as Feb 3 -- use date Feb 3 2021, or 2-3-2021 instead;  Overall, I find the Timelime buggy and annoying.  This is the biggest need for immediate change.
    6. A way to more quickly delete phone call notes you don't want to log; like an option to turn off the confirmation to delete button.
    7. Don't use 3 days ago, or 3 min ago as log time, use date and time stamp instead.
    8. In the timeline of emails, be able to see more of the contents of the email without opening it up; like a way to expand all; This is true of other time line activities
    9. In the timeline of emails; show the sender on each email log.
    10. There is a limit in terms of how many fields you can have more than 2000 characters. That is too limiting.  There are times I need to input more data on several fields. 
    11. The ability to backup and export all companies, contacts, deals, and activities with one click that would save by a set name of the user's choosing in a folder of the user's choosing. Or even better, have the ability to back up automatically at intervals chosen by he user.
    12. Thank you.

    By the way, if this program was modified slightly into a separate program (different marketing and name) and with very little cost, it could take the legal community by storm and produce great revenue for your company.

    Thank you.  Mark Kershek

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