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Draft Emails



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    Team Salesmate

    We have launched temporary drafts, so if you refresh the page by mistake or visit any other page and come back to email compose, you can see your last email. The email draft is deleted if you hit "X" or "Cancel" button from those screens.

    If you are replying from the Contact or Deal detail page, it also maintains a temporary copy, and you can revisit the detail page and continue your drafting.


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  • Adrian R

    Please, make this happen ASAP.

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  • Jay B

    It was odd to not see this option.  It does keep the email in the deals section if you leave and revisit though.  not sure about the email inbox though. 

    email needs a lot of help.  I am working on integrating Spark in the time being for rapid email communications and team collaboration.

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  • Adam Swomley

    Can you also check out my feature request about reminders?

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