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Live chat functionality




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    Team Salesmate

    Hi Matthew,

    The chat and automation features are available on your link (account) now under beta access. Do give them a try and feel free to share your feedback.

    Here are links to the help articles:



    The initial indication on the pricing is these will be available as an add-on to the current subscription and chat will have user level pricing whereas automation will have contact level pricing. We will be able to share with you more details on the pricing within a week or two.

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  • Team Salesmate

    Hello Matthew,

    We are coming up with Chat functionality very soon. It is under beta mode right now and giving out to the customers are ready to test in early mode. 

    Stay tuned!

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  • Matthew Gibbons

    Fantastic! I'd be more than happy to be one of your beta testers. 

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