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    Team Salesmate

    We have added so many new features in the last two years and haven't changed plans or increased the prices for those plans, so not sure why you feel that we do it with each upgrade.

    Many of our customers were using external chat tools and marketing tools, and they were also spending additional to sync data between Salesmate and other apps. So the first challenge is to provide a solution where they don't have to pay for multiple tools to run their business.

    Secondly, a small company might have a limited list of subscribers and might be sending only a few thousand emails a month, but an enterprise can send millions of emails in the same duration. So one price can't suit everyone.

    Considering these challenges, we have offered these two new products as a tightly integrated solution, whereas they are not forced to upgrade to higher plans or pay for something they are not using it. So unlike all available individual marketing tools that charge you on the number of contacts in your database, we only charge on the number of enrolled contacts. Hence a significant saving for customers.

    - Team Salesmate

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