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  • Moni


    Can you share the screenshot or location where you want to reschedule activities quickly?  

    We already have a few options to reschedule activities:

    1. From the dashboard My Agenda view, you get reschedule option while you hover the activities
    2. From the activity calendar view, you can drag-drop activities and reschedule them.
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  • Mike Poling

    Sure.  The goal is to add a very quick way to update/reschedule a call or activity (mostly calls). Many times when calling on a group of leads you will leave message to call me back (LMTCMB) and move on to the next contact. This will help quickly reschedule and note that.

    Here are the 2 options i think make sense (both would be super helpful)

    1. Click on date in activity and use date drop down/form to select new date (don't leave page/contact form)

    2. Add a quick reschedule button in activity would be awesome IE: Reschedule for 1 day or 3 days or 7 days.

    See my screen shot with notes. 


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