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Multiple sequences Answered
3 votes 5 comments
Zapier: We need more triggers please... currently only "New" actions are available
4 votes 2 comments
Ability to use "Days Ago" as measure of time in custom reports, workflows, and page filters Answered
1 vote 2 comments
Calculated Fields as new custom field type
9 votes 13 comments
Custom Reports: Allow us to control number of records per page
1 vote 0 comments
Imports should allow for inactive fields
0 votes 0 comments
Workflow: Allow Merge Field as value to be used in update action
1 vote 0 comments
Add Object ID as an available column in all views Completed
4 votes 1 comment
RegEx capabilities in workflows
0 votes 0 comments
Phone Extensions... causing calls to fail - no validation shown
1 vote 0 comments
Give us ability to declare sort order of custom views Completed
1 vote 2 comments
Data Protection Completed
2 votes 2 comments
Related organisations Completed
9 votes 4 comments
Need to add more than email sync of only 60 days for previous emails
3 votes 2 comments
Make email conversation view an option
1 vote 0 comments
Xero Integration Planned
3 votes 6 comments
Save displayed columns along with saved views - like Pipedrive allows us to. Big time saver. Completed
0 votes 1 comment
Easy fix: Please show dates when showing email history inside a deal... Answered
0 votes 1 comment
Important Data Fields - make Smart Fields even better
1 vote 0 comments
Reports: Custom report "grouping feature" needs improvement when using Dates
0 votes 0 comments