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Deal updates trigger from external sources
3 votes 3 comments
Link Analytics Automatically append UTM parameters
1 vote 1 comment
1 vote 2 comments
Global Task Sidebar for faster task completion!!!
5 votes 1 comment
Import:: Please allow us to import without forcing us to also include "required" fields Planned
0 votes 4 comments
Custom Fields: Select & Multiselect fields please give us a automatic sort feature Completed
1 vote 1 comment
Financial Advisors / Insurance Producers
0 votes 0 comments
Tracking who sent you a referral
0 votes 0 comments
Deal list page needs to be able to filter on associated products in a deal
0 votes 2 comments
Add more Email Details in initial view (recipient + date + time )
0 votes 0 comments
New system field: In companies list page would be helpful to have a count for people, deals, etc Completed
0 votes 6 comments
Custom Field: New field type... "smart colors"
1 vote 3 comments
Filters: Companies page needs ability to filter on associated / linked modules
1 vote 0 comments
Activity Types: Allow for custom fields to be displayed based on specific activity types
3 votes 2 comments
Custom Fields: Give us option to make custom sections collapsible / expandable
1 vote 0 comments
Email Templates: Give us option to clone / copy a existing template
0 votes 0 comments
Custom Field: Radio button option Answered
0 votes 2 comments
Custom Field: Permission Levels
1 vote 0 comments
Custom Field: Add new custom field type that allows us to pick salesmate users
1 vote 1 comment
Loss Screen Popup: Allow custom field to be added to this page
0 votes 1 comment
Add more than one company in a Deal Planned
2 votes 3 comments
Multiple sequences
2 votes 4 comments