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Ability to Use Sequences at the Deal Level with Deal Variables Completed
12 votes 4 comments
Workflow automation based on Deal “Rotten” status
10 votes 4 comments
Automation Workflow - Deal Creation
10 votes 6 comments
Related organisations Completed
9 votes 4 comments
WhatsApp Integration
7 votes 0 comments
Color emails if they are linked to deals
7 votes 1 comment
Global Task Sidebar for faster task completion!!!
7 votes 3 comments
Modify Deal Cards within Pipeline Board View
6 votes 6 comments
Dropbox integration
5 votes 0 comments
Webhook - Sequence Action
5 votes 6 comments
Returned emails: highlight them and flag contact
5 votes 1 comment
Using Colors to easily visualize Deal status
5 votes 1 comment
Threaded Replies in Notes
5 votes 0 comments
Send sms/email campaigns to all mobiles/email addresses on a contact
4 votes 1 comment
Social Media Profiles - Contacts
4 votes 4 comments
Assign Default Numbers To Contacts
4 votes 0 comments
Add more than one company in a Deal Completed
4 votes 4 comments
Calculated Fields as new custom field type
4 votes 2 comments
Add Object ID as an available column in all views Completed
4 votes 1 comment
Default Deal Title Please
4 votes 1 comment
Attaching files to email templates/sequences Answered
4 votes 2 comments
Using more email addresses with signatures
4 votes 0 comments
Customizable number of rings before call goes to voicemail Completed
4 votes 6 comments
Ringless voicemail drop
3 votes 2 comments
Duplicate Detection
3 votes 1 comment
Show Phone Number for Inbound/Outbound Call Activity
3 votes 0 comments
Quick Action Icons
3 votes 4 comments